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          Moonlight Jewelers is a home business based out of Sussex County Delaware. The owners began making jewelry for themselves, but slowly as people began seeing what they were wearing they decided to begin selling their products. It started with close friends and family and then stretched to local people they came into contact with. After a time they decided to reach out to online customers and create a website.  Even with them reaching to customers across the web, they still sell to the people around their neighborhood. We also wanted to share with others some of the things we enjoy doing. We enjoy collecting stones for their metaphysical properties, and wire wrapping them into something amazing. You will find that our shop has a lot of metaphysical and spiritual based items. We enjoy New Age techniques that revolve around the earth and natural elements around us. You will find that our jewelry is a representation of that. 

          The goal for Moonlight Jewelers is to help those who love handcrafted metaphysical jewelry be able to purchase it at a reasonable price. So often you find large brand jewelry shops offering metaphysical and spiritual items and not telling what they're for. We want to be a shop that offers jewelry with more meaning. Look at it like this, instead of going to widely known sellers and purchasing an item that many other people may have also purchased... We wanted something more one of a kind. We researched ways to make our own jewelry we decided to create a gift for one another. After exchanging and loving the outcome of the handcrafted jewelry we knew we had stumbled upon something good. We had always been creative, but with Moonlight Jewelers we can broaden that creativity and let it shine!

          So what does the future hold for Moonlight Jewelers? Well the sky is the limit. We are all in hard times and can't afford the most precious gems money can buy, but that doesn't mean we have to limit ourselves to nothing. We hope to bring precious one of a kind pieces of jewelry to people for many years to come! And with there being no rental costs, publicity costs, or employee wages we can always offer excellent items! Each piece of jewelry you see for sale on this website was made 100% by Dwayne and Melody. 

About The Owners

     Hello, my name is Dwayne. I was born in Southern New Jersey and now reside in Sussex County Delaware. I've graduated class of 2001 from a high school in Delaware. After that, besides working, I helped care for my diabetic blind mother. In 2010 I started college at Ashford University and graduated 2012. I now hold an Associates of Arts Degree in Business. 

    Some of my hobbies include reading, photography, gardening, cooking, and writing. I am currently trying to finish my first novel. I also like to collect Coco-Cola collectables, and model cars/ motorcycles. I'm a down to earth person and I'm an earth element. I'm into meditation because its so calming. I love to paint and draw as well. I am also really into natural healing, magical herbalism, and taking the spiritual and unseen aspects of things and using it beneficially. As for Moonlight Jewelers and Dark Secret Creations I am the co-owner along with my soon to be wife. I feel its a good business venture because a lot of people love jewelry, but also seem to can't find the right piece. They just don't have time to custom make it themselves. Plus my mother liked jewelry, and I feel as though she would be proud of me with what I've decided to do thusfar as being a business owner. I like to help people, and meet new people. With Moonlight Jewelers I feel as though the hand crafted pieces we make will make people happy. They can look at diamonds and gems, but most of that is factory made. Our pieces are made with love, and to me Love is all that matters. Its not about money, status of anything else, its only about making our customers happy. Which is why we have the customized option. 

If you would like to know anything else about me simply ask via the Contact Us page, or send me a message on my Moonlight Jewelers Members Portal Profile. 

     My name is Melody and I have lived in Sussex County Delaware my whole life. I've always tried to be creative. Sometimes in life creativity can be a good outlet.  Moonlight Jewelers for me is a good creative venture and mean's a lot to me for quite a few reasons. I've always liked Jewelry and would look for pieces even when I was little. It had to be cheap when I was little because my parents didn't have money to waste. So if I found something that I liked I would wear it and cherish it. To me it didn't matter if it was cheap, I still loved it. Actually, I still have many odds and ends I've saved since I was a little girl. I have this one necklace which I've added a bunch of pendants on. Each pendant was something I found throughout my life, and some of them were from gumball machines. I have a story for each one, and when I wear it I feel connected to my old self. So I hope Moonlight Jewelers becomes a place many people can trust and come to to purchase jewelry that they will love for years to come. Not everyone has loads of cash to spend toward an expensive manufactured piece of jewelry, but that doesn't mean they can't have anything at all. Hand crafted jewelry is a great way to say I love you to somebody. That's why we offer the customized option.

      As for me personally my hobbies include reading, photography, gardening, nature walks, collecting rocks and old coins, and writing. I've written and self published my first novel which I am extremely proud of. Its title is "Heartmine Destiny". I will include a few links below. I am currently editing my second book which I am going to send to some publishers, but I really love the personal feel self publishing gives. I pray for the best! I have loads of stories in my mind which I intend to get down onto paper. I've always been a spiritual person. Searching for the unseen and mysterious side of things is something I've always been drawn to. I love natural healing methods, gemstone healing, color therapy, magical herbalism, and a lot more that would be a little too in depth for one little about us page, haha. I am also a water element and I find myself drawn to the Ocean. Anyway, if you would like to know anything more about me simply ask via the Contact Us page, send me a message on my Moonlight Jewelers Member Portal Profile, or visit the links below to my personal blog and website. 

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