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Healing Bottle Jewelry

Posted on June 9, 2014 at 7:15 PM

Healing Bottles

The picture above is a sample of our line of Healing Bottle Pendants. There is an entire collection in the Selection: Healing Bottles, located on our shop page. You may be wondering what a healing bottle is, so lets get into that.

Our healing bottles contain a selection of herbs, plants, flowers, and stones. Each one is hand picked for its spiritual properties. For centuries the belief that the plants and stones around us contain certain energies that are beneficial. For example medicine in ancient times used these beneficial properties to aid in healing. Our modern day medicine is simular. We use lemon to sooth a sore throat, aloa for aiding in sunburns and dry skin, the oils from flowers and plants to use in aromatherapy items. These things and many more use the healing properties of the natural things around them. Many people are turning to natural healing remedies to go along with their daily medication to aid them in healing, but the healing in these things are not only physical. It can be beneficial to our spiritual sides as well.

Think of your favorite flower? Remember the scent and the way it makes you feel. Think of its beauty when you look upon it. You may feel relaxed, soothed, energized, etc. That is the spiritual healing properties of the flower working!

There are many ways to use your healing bottles. A popular tradition in meditation is to keep certain plants and stones around you to create the ideal environment for ultimate relaxation. Another way is to wear it around your neck or keep it on you. The more you wear it or keep it around you, the more the contents will release its essential properties. This is a form of charging. Charging is a way of empowering the object with your energy. Each of us give off energy and the more we wear a certain item, the more we put our energy into it... charging it. Think of a lucky clover, necklace, or shirt. You may feel its lucky, but another person might not. Why is that? Its because its charged with your energy for keeping it on you often.

Our healing bottles are mainly used in pendants. We use only genuine gemstones and plants. Many of the flowers and herbs we use are picked and dried personally by us. The healing bottle pendants we make with intentions to be fashionable and powerful for uses in natural and spiritual healing. To view Moonlight Jeweler's collection of Healing Bottle Pendants and Jewelry visit the link below or visit our shop page and click on Healing Bottles to your left." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

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