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Dwayne and Melody Elliott
Site Owner
About Me

This is the shared profile for the owners of Moonlight Jewelers. We also have individual profiles if you would like to see them. They are under the named SecretMae and D.A.Elliott. Feel free to contact us through any of these profiles. We always enjoy meeting new people. Thank you for stoping by. 

D.A. Elliott
37 years old
About Me

About Me

I love to write, make handcrafted Jewelry, photography, and more. My website is a good accomplishment of mine. Then again so is anything you put your heart into. I have also published a book titled Heartmine Destiny. If you would like the link visit the bottom of this profile. 


Love can be found even in your darkest hours,

if only one remembers to turn on to the light.


SecretMae is a website of wonder. I've worked hard to help it have a calming effect. Kind of like your favorite room in your house and how it makes you feel when your just lounging around. It has a collection or writing that I admire, other writing of all sorts on the thoughts page and my own asortment of writing. There are a lot of other pages you can go through. My goal is that my viewers can visit this site and feel at peace somehow. Even if its only for a moment. Life has many hard battles on occasion and not everyone has a comfort area. Please let SecretMae be a resting point for those who may need it. Please enjoy.



A Web Site Of Thoughts


To view some of my other writing please visit my profile on the following link

Melody's Amazon Page (To Purchase her books in paperback and kindle ebook)" target="_blank">Melody's Smashwords Page (To Purchase her books in all other ebook formats)

64 years old